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Our Local to Detroit Services
As time permits, we are embarking on a mission to keep our business afloat until the economy heals. With that in mind, Eco Reef Technologies LLC is looking for customers in the Detroit, Michigan metro area who are in need of assistance in aquarium setup and maintenance, as well as housekeeping and cleaning duties. This applies to homes, offices, and businesses. If we are lucky enough to land a large contract, we will happliy employ people from the local area to assist us in this endeavour. If we are unable to directly help you because of prior commitments (my real job), we can certainly refer you to capable resources who are actually our competitors. We do study the competition, so we know who is good and who is not so good. We will always steer you to the best services available in your area.

Man made Aquarium
Aquarium Setup / Maintenance Service Details

Eco Reef RockTM is sparsely available in its various forms for use in your aquarium. Eco Reef Technologies LLC will set up and maintain a Detroit area man made environment with our products, or we will set up and maintain an environment which suits your special needs. You may purchase equipment for us to maintain, or we may furnish a system for you to lease for a period of time. We will also maintain an existing environment or provide consultaion to fix any problems you may currently be encountering. Please Contact Us for details.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning / Housekeeping Service Details

We will come to your Detroit area home or place of business and perform cleaning and housekeeping duties. These include, but are not necessarily limited to: carpet and hard surface floor cleaning (vacuuming and mopping), dusting, trash removal, dish washing, rest room cleaning, etc. We can provide a previous business who contracted us as a reference. Please Contact Us for details. We are frantically trying to keep our business afloat during these hard economic times. If you like our service relationship, we will gladly continue it with you, even as times get better. We will simply employ some local help to keep you satisfied. That too would help the economy.

Our Nationwide Services
We are also looking at the possibilities of webpage construction/consultation. Of course, this being an online service, it could potentially be called a nationwide service. This entire website, family website, and shopping cart produced with OS Commerce was totally coded by myself, the owner of Eco Reef Technologies LLC. We could use a template, such as this site was started, start from scratch with your ideas, or embellish a site which is already created. Charges apply by the hour of labor or by the project percent complete, and will be billed monthly. If you like the layout and feel of this site and are in need of a site of your own, please contact us and we can discuss my services of website construction for your benefit. This service would be permanent once a business relationship is established, or until you cancel it.

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