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Eco Reef Technologies LLC Rants Page
All True Stories.

This Page includes rants about crappy vendors. Look Below and find out about some of the stupid vendors ERT has encountered. There are full explanations on why NOT to buy their products. Some of them you are just stuck with, but you just gotta vent sometimes.

You MayGAG if you buy a Maytag-   and this is why. Eco Reef Technologies LLC relocated to a new residence in June 2007. All the appliances in the residence were Maytag. I have never had a problem with Maytag washers, dryers, and even a dishwasher, but the refrigerator is a real piece of garbage. The model number is MSD2756AE-W. Owning this fridge has been the worst experience with any appliance I have ever had the displeasure of owning. I will end up spending over Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) in parts to try and keep the thing functioning properly. To this date, it has yet again failed to function. The device I refer to is the water dispenser and the ice maker. The part numbers I have repeatedly replaced are as follows.
    Part Number     Description     Cost
    MAY 12001991   Kit- Ice Door   $33.99
    MAY 61003407   Fountain Bracket   $17.94
    MAY 61003425   Control Board   $86.99
The Ice Door "Kit" contains the solenoid which seems to be constantly burning up the control board and melting the plastic fountain bracket. I don't know what the design flaw is, but it is obvious that they know there is a problem with this system, just by looking at how they package the repair parts. I have had to replace 3 control boards, and the 3rd one has already blown the same transistor as the others. So, this appliance will soon be on control board #4, if I decide to purchase another one. Some parts stores have charged me over $100.00 for this board. But now, I am a repeat customer known by the replacement parts store by first name. That is not good advertisement for Maytag's product, because every time I go in there, I'm letting everyone know how bad their refrigerators suck. The solenoid sure must get hot, because it has melted the 2nd fountain bracket I have purchased. That doesn't count the original parts that came with the appliance. I'm just glad it hasn't caused a fire yet. This refrigerator is also on its 3rd ice door operating solenoid. The total of those parts I have purchased so far is $465.00. And, I now would have to purchase another copy of each of the above parts, since they are all trashed once again. I have owned Maytag washers and dryers before with no problems. I guess Maytag needs to stick to those and not branch out into other appliances, because those ventures sure have produced some garbage for a product. I believe I will discontinue throwing money into this hole and purchase a new refrigerator. However, it most certainly will NOT be a Maytag. After calling their customer service, they told me that they wouldn't do anything for me. They wanted me to have a service guy come out to my house and for me to pay for it. Now I KNOW I will NOT buy anything from Whirlpool, who makes Maytag. Even though their HQ is right here in Michigan. My new business will need plenty of them one day too. I believe it is time for a serious engineering change on the water/ice door. Maytag should at least consider buying a competitor's product and reverse engineer what actually works. Maytag refrigerators are most certainly in the top of my hall of shame list. I'll make sure others know this as well.

*-*-* MAYTAG Refrigerators get a Cold Shoulder from me *-*-*

Don't Spend$ on Evercleanse-   and this is why. Evercleanse touts themselves to be one of the best products on the market for weight loss. They even mention that their product is supposed to clean your colon. All it did was fill mine up. I gained over 7 pounds in less than 2 months on this product. It never made me feel full, like advertised. It would make me crap, but I stayed a bit constipated. Benefiber is the same fiber ingredient (Guar Gum). Benefiber costs about $12.00 for a container. Evercleanse costs over $50.00 for the same amount. They both look and dissolve the same. If you want to try this kind of fiber for a diet, just try Benefiber and save your money. Evercleanse does not live up to any of their product claims. I will never purchase another jar of this crap product again, and I would advise anyone else to stay away from them too. Personally, I am using Metamucil now, and it seems to work. You just have to drink it fast, or it will go to jell in your 8oz. cup within a minute or two. So, buy Metamucil, save your money and just drink it fast.
evercleanse sux

DTE Stands for Detroit's TERRIBLE Energy-  and this is why. I moved to my new Clarkston residence in May of 2006. first, when I moved in, the neutral was open between the power pole and the house. That causes a lot of distress on any electric equipment you try to operate from a wall outlet. Maybe they did that, maybe not. A few hundred dollars and some appliance parts later, I just let them slide. After all, they are the only game in town. Can't really put up a windmill in the back yard, or can you? However, since that time, I know there has been at least 12+ power outages at my house. That is as of June, 2007. So, in one year, the power has gone out at least once per month. And, not just for an hour or two each time. It goes out for freakin' DAYS. The transformer (or, so they say) has blown twice. Now, I think I heard a big boom one time, so that may have been the cause once. We have had some thunderstorms that contributed to a few outages. However, sometimes even a light wind will knock it out. And, just 2 blocks over, everything is working fine. Now, since part of my business will soon deal with breeding saltwater fish, I am going to have to invest in an automated backup system to eliminate the possibility of killing all of my livestock. Especially in the Winter. We had one outage while we were on vacation in February 2008. Power went out and somehow, a powerhead burned up and tripped the breaker when the power came back on. No breaker meant no heat or air to the tank. We lost almost everything in the tank by the time we returned 2 days later. Could have been lightniing. Could have just been a power surge after the outage. But, for some reason or another, DTE is Detroit's TERRIBLE Energy for me and my neighborhood. I have never witnessed such poor electrical service in my life. If I could, I would be looking elsewhere. But, power companies usually have you by the short and curlies, if you know what I mean. I will have to incur a lot of extra expense just to cover for their inadequacies. Anyone know where I can get a whole house emergency backup generator for cheap? Maybe just a solar powered air pump and aquarium sump heater?
dte sux

You May Wish NOT to Have the Dish-   and this is why. Eco Reef Technologies established itself at the newly purchased Clarkston home residence in June 2007. At that time, Dish Network was called upon to move my system from my apartment to my home. First, they wanted me to take my dish with me (which is Against what they advertise) because my Dish was HD. Next, they would not bargain with me to add another TV box for a TV I had in storage (wouldn't fit in the apartment) until I threatened to cancel service and go to Direct TV. [Direct TV still advertises 4 systems and free install.] This was the first sign that they did not care about the customer. Then, they mounted my old HD dish nicely on my new home. Little did I know that the HD quality was very poor from the onset (how should I know, I never had HDTV before) and it only got worse. The system was always shutting down and doing some kind of satellite search. Here satellite satellite.... Where are you??? Was it cables? Was it the Switch? Maybe my Box? A Tree in the way? There certainly was no Snow Blockage in June.... Once it was bad enough to really complain about, which was June 2008, (I had to cuss profusely to get their attention) it took them weeks before they could arrive at my home on my time, even though I had to take a vacation day to wait on them one time for nothing. Then, they had to return at least 4 more times (I lost count) with a total of no less than 6 different people before they FINALLY got the problem solved. I had 3 trucks in my driveway at once. No wonder you can't get them when you need them. They're all at my house. They even had to add a 2nd dish just to pick up a satellite we had been missing (for HDTV) since we moved in. To their credit, now I have good quality HDTV and all 3 TVs function. However, that should have happened over a year ago. On one trip, they got the HDTV working, only to find out they screwed up one of the other TVs. We didn't notice that until AFTER they left. So, if you are shopping around looking at Comcast Cable (expensive), Direct TV, or Dish Network, you may want to consider Direct TV. Of course, I haven't dealt with them before, so they may be just as silly. And if you do use Dish Network, give the call in center some foul language, and you might get moved up a bit in priority. We do know they take notes on the account. We are probably @ssholes in their notes now, but we finally got the service we have been paying for now for over a year. My next call is to try and get some kind of compensation because of our lack of HD service for a year. Anybody know any new cuss words I can use on customer service? I do need another box for my basement. Sometimes, I wish I had no Dish.
Ditch the Dish

I Hate Seagate-   and this is why. Seagate has a policy of selling junk and then when you return it, they try and bilk you for even more money. I have had more than one of their devices fail, only to find out that they have "special shipping" and packaging instructions which if they are not followed, they claim it voids your warranty. Hell, the drive was dead as a door knob. Just give me another one you idiots. And, to top it all off, their procedure for packaging explicitly stated to send back any adapter cable but NOT the power cable. Once all instructions were followed on hard drive #2, then I get an automated email stating that you are not supposed to ship back any cables and they won't return them. Now, my drive is a turd since I have no cables to use it with, even if they ship back another new one. I will never purchase another Seagate product again, and I would advise anyone to steer clear of them too. Update: They did end up doing the right thing this time. Maybe they read this rant. I got another drive and a new cable. Plus, they sent back my old cable too. Now I have a spare. I did rip them a new one on their customer service site too. That possibly helped out. The root cause of this Maxtor "One Touch" USB backup drive failure is that it cannot be used with a USB Hub. A hub does not have enough power to run the drive. Even if the hub has its own external power source. They should put that in their literature and stop wasting customer's time and money to ship stuff back. My PC has only 2 USB ports. One had a mouse connected to it, since I upgraded my crusty old PC from a PS/2 mouse to a nice USB wireless one. Had a 4 port hub in the other On board one. However, If I connect a PS/2 mouse and remove the 4 port hub and use the 2 on board USB ports, the drive will work as advertised. Gotta at least give them that. Maybe their next model will work with a hub. HINT HINT.
Seagate Sucks

Microsoft Live is Jive-   and this is why. I tried to move my domain from to the Microsoft Office Live servers. The website moved fine, but the e-mail never worked. This is because their intro page for newbies says to sign up using an e-mail address. Once this is done, you can't use that address ever again for any email. It becomes your Live ID, and can't be used for e-mail. Now, If they would have mentioned this BEFORE they mention the fact that the address will no longer be accessible, then maybe things would have been different. But as it is, they have a serious technical problem. A lot of people have fallen into this trap, and they still have not figured out a solution. First thing should be a huge disclaimer stating their known bug, so everyone else doesn't do the same thing. MS Office Live receives my personal award for stupidity. Thanks for nothing. Beware when you use Office Jive. Update: Maybe Microsoft read this rant too. You still can't use your email addy, but I did get some nice goodies in the mail for all the trouble. I got a new copy of MS Money 2007 and some kind of software to help tutor a high school age kid. I'm not using that yet, but the MS Money will come in handy. And, I now have a new Live ID tied to a Google account. Who cares if it locks up, you can just sign up for another one for free. I had to get that just to get Windows updates on my new load of Windows XP. My Pocket PC requires a LIVE ID now as well. Looks like you have to use LIVE any more to do anything with Mickey Mouse Microsoft.
Email? What Email?