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Four E-Books are now ready and another is being written. These e-books cover everything from beginner tank setup, to advanced breeding topics. You think it is all on the internet instead of buying the e-book? Well, you are partially correct. Yes, there is a wealth of information on the internet that closely resembles things in our e-books. But, they usually do not list all the resources involved, where to purchase them, and step by step how to accomplish the tasks. We do. So, just that knowledge is worth the price of admission. We have seen (and even tried to build) a couple of contraptions found on the internet. Most fail miserably. Others do not list all of the parts required. Still others may list everything, but lack the illustrated step by step directions to be 100% successful. Rest assured, our stuff works. We are using it daily in our own tanks. Purchase one or all of the e-books and find out for yourself. A wealth of knowledge is waiting for you.

Sadly, the DIY kits are no longer available. However, if there are certain parts you cannot locate, email us and we will help. We also have our Trademarked Eco Reef RockTM ready in various forms by special order only. Contact us for details. Please check the brief descriptions below or go to the Eco Reef Technologies LLC Store by clicking the SHOP NOW tab, and check out the more detailed descriptions. 

Additional Services are also available local to the Detroit area. If you are local to Detroit, please click on this Local Services sub-section for additional information. The economy has certainly affected everyone. We are not beyond adapting to the current circumstances in order to provide anyone asistance for aquarium setup and maintenance, as well as home, office, or business cleaning and housekeeping services while we await the expansion of our primary business.

Product Details

The DIY "Kits" included everything you would have needed to construct a DIY project out of the e-Books. The kits came with full illustrated instructions to make your project as error free as possible. We hope to venture back into them one day. Also, Eco Reef RockTM is now available in its various forms upon special request only. Everything from mix to just add water to finished rocks will again be supported one day. View a Slideshow with more details HERE
or click on the little green fishie.


Our Products

  • The E-Books-   The first e-book is essential to the beginner marine aquarist. You will be amazed on just how much money you can save to start into this hobby just by reading and following the directions in this book. The Manual for starting a reef tank on a really tight budget is well worth the low price of $3.98. It includes topics such as how to make a metal tank stand look professional with wood treatments, choices on what to keep in your tank based on your time and experience, location of a tank in your home, choices for lighting, air, water parameters, and plans for some filters, a lighting canopy, and a protein skimmer. Just the tips and tricks section knowledge will save you more than the purchase price. 

    The second e-book delves into more advanced topics for more experienced aquarists. This e-book is for the person or business who would like to venture into multiple tank setups and breeding setups. The book fully explains how to make a multiple tank stand, the sump, plumbing, electrical and other items to support such a stand. Have your own local fish store setup in the confines of your home or basement by using the directions in this e-book. This book too sells for the low price of $3.98.

    The third e-book is strictly for the beginner fish breeder. This e-book will save you countless hours and lots of money when it comes time for you to venture into the realm of saltwater ornamental fish breeding. topics include raising live food for fish larvae and juvenile fishes (including resources and how to build some of the small food hatcheries), how to hatch newborns, and how to raise the newborns into adulthood. The wealth of information in this e-book is essential for anyone who is just starting out in the world of fish breeding. Plans for a bonus filtration system and a cleaning siphon are also included in this important book. This book also sells for the low price of $3.98.

    The fourth e-book in the series is dedicated to the flagship and trademarked Eco Reef RockTM products. this manual fully explains the hydration cycle, pitfalls, and the latest tips and tricks for making custom Eco Reef RockTM creations. Purchase this e-book if you are eco concious and have any plans at all to make your own artificial coral or base rocks. This book is a steal for the low price of $2.98.

    These 4 e-books are a downloadable product.
    Click here or Go to the SHOP NOW Tab at the left and purchase yours today. Purchase all 4 for the low price of $10.00. That is a bargain for so much information, which we spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to find out for you.

  •  Eco Reef Rock-  This is the Trademark of Eco Reef Technologies LLC (ERT). A proprietary blend of aggregates and Portland Cement which provides a rock very similar to live rock found in the natural ocean reefs. Life already grows on Eco Reef RockTM in ERT's own tanks. This porous yet sturdy rock is for sale as a mix with complete directions in which you can just add water and make a rock of any size or shape you desire, or you can order pre-cured rocks ready for your tank. Pre-Cured in the artifical rock sense means that the concrete has underwent the hydrolisis action for 28 days to leach out any of the minerals that would be otherwise harmful to your tank's PH if fresh concrete were added. However, pre-cured rock does not have any life growing on it. In time, Eco Reef Technologies LLC will introduce "live" Eco Reef RockTM. this rock will have algae and other organisms on it, just like you would purchase from your local pet shop. A very small amount is available now. Call or email for details. Save the reefs. Buy Eco Reef RockTM. Click the Pricing Page Link for more detail and pictures. Available Now. Email the Reef Master at for your special or custom needs. Or, click on SHOP NOW

  • Standardized Kits-  The "Kits" no longer available are described in detail within the above mentioned E-Book. These kits were to be purchased with the E-Book for full illustrated instructions on how to save money on the construction of many of the normally expensive parts of your marine tank setup. Tank stands, lighting, and filtration are just examples of where money can be save by the do it yourself handyman. The kits were mainly for the filtration, but others can be made upon request. Kits will only be for ease of parts gathering, as full parts lists with sources and pricing ERT paid at the time of construction is in the E-Books. Kits came in levels with some of the items partially assembled and/or pre-drilled. This is further explained in the Eco Reef Technologies LLC Store. These products will again be available one day, if we continue to try and grow this business. Currently, we cannot do so. The economy and personal matters have just not been very good to us the past few years.

    Special Offers

    Special product pricing will also be posted in the SHOP NOW section soon. Bookmark us and stay in touch to be one of the first to display a 100% man made marine environment.