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Products are displayed with full standardized pricing for the Trademark Eco Reef Rock and the Do it Yourself Kits which are discussed in the E-Books.
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ERT E-Book
Marine Aquarium Setup on a Really Tight Budget
Price is only $3.98.

The other 3 books are also $3.98 each, or get all 4 for only $10.00.

More details about the 4 copyrighted e-books are on the Products and Services page.

Eco Reef Rock(TM) MIX
Levels for the Eco Reef Rock will be as follows. Ready mix will be the Portland Cement and Aggregate in a bag with full instructions. Just add water and cure for a simulated live rock. Fresh Rock will be rock which has been cast in the mold and cured for at least 2 days dry, to achieve the strength required before the rocks are to be placed in water for the 28 day cycle. The customer will have to cure these rocks in a bucket of water for 28 days. Water changes in this bucket are recommended once per week. Finally, The Cured rocks will be ready to introduce into your tank after the 28 day curing cycle is complete at Eco Reef Technologies' manufacturing site. Please purchase the E-Book for full details. Please note that pricing does NOT include shipping. Weights are approximate, but pretty accurate. For Medium and Large Fresh and Cured Rocks, more than one rock is always shipped to make the weights. huge single rocks can be made as special orders. However, a long wait period may be encountered for a single medium or large cured rock.
Eco Reef Rock(TM) MIX
Ready Mix Fresh Rocks Cured Rocks
Small- 5lb. $9.98 $14.98 $24.98
Medium- 15lb. $29.98 $44.98 $74.98
Large- 25lb. $49.98 $74.98 $124.98



Do it Yourself Kits (Currently Not Available)


We may get into this again one day.... But currently, we can not afford to stock the inventory. please purchase the e-book and you can do this on your own by shopping at your local hardware store in most cases.

Levels for the Do it Yourself Kits will be parts only, parts with some of the more difficult modifications (cutting, drilling, gluing), and a "Full Kit", which will only require some minor assembly to complete. These filters are discussed in detail within the E-Book.Please Purchase the E-Book to be knowledgable of this section. However, all kits come with complete illustrated instructions for the average handy man. So, you can purchase a kit without the E-Book and be able to complete it. The special bucket for the denitrifier filter with a lid that will not leak under pressure will soon be available as a separate item. These are handy buckets to make sumps and other things out of that will not leak. Try that with a bucket from a hardware or paint store.


Do it Yourself Kits

Denitrifier Filter Wet/Dry Filter* Protein Skimmer
Parts Only $118.98 $88.98 $78.98
Modifications $136.98 $114.98 $98.98
Full Kit $164.98 $184.98 $124.98



* Wet / Dry Filter Filter does NOT include bio media or the 10 gallon aquarium mentioned in the E-Book. You can add a 5lb. portion of the Eco Reef Rock for the media. Denitirfier Filter has no internal media either, unless you order separately. Many things can be used. Eco reef Rock and nylon netting are what we recommend and can provide.





Eco Reef Rock(TM) in Pre-Made Shapes


Eco Reef Rock is now available in some of the most common and handy pre-made shapes. Posts, for supporting your other rocks above your substrate, shelves, for holding the other rock above your substrate, and caves, for great fish hiding places and even possibly a breeding spot. pictures of the posts, shelves, and caves are available by clicking on the pics below.


                 Small                Medium                 Large
Posts       N/A      $4.98 ea.          N/A
Shelves    $4.98 ea.      $8.98 ea.       $12.98 ea.
Caves    $7.98 ea.     $12.98 ea.        $18.98 ea.


Pictures of our apparatus as shown with a 3" sea shell for reference. Click on pic for larger view.
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Posts  *-*-*  Shelves  *-*-*  Caves
Eco Reef Rock Posts Eco Reef Rock Shelves Eco Reef Rock Caves

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