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Our Tank
A Little More Detail About Our Personal Tank(s).
Our Tank
Once Again, our primary mission at Eco Reef Technologies LLC is to have the ability to sell an entire marine aquarium setup which is 100% completely man made. Our latest tank, absolutely nothing at all from the oceans has been used to get the marine environment underway. We used 100% Eco Reef Rock creations, and at least 2nd generation (possibly even older) tank born and raised fragged invertebrates. We only used a small amount of "seed" live sand or rock to get an ecosystem started from our other tank. We have a few crabs, snails and a couple of fish from the ocean in this tank. We also have tank raised fish in this tank. It is now possible. We are even going to breed our own fish and will have them for sale one day too. we can set up a 100% man made marine environment today. Species selection is a limitation, but we will hopefully one day be successful at species propigation as well.

Tank History
We have had this tank in operation for less than two years. It has sprouted life all over the Eco Reef Rock used in the tank for the primary means of filtration. Photo below illustrates this in action. You too can have a 100% man made marine environment. Please Contact Us for more details. Mouse on the Pic for a description. Click it to view it larger. Click your browser's back button to get back here.

Polyp on a Flower Rock
Photos are Shown below of our tanks with Eco Reef Rock doing as expected. This proves that our product is working and is a viable alternative to the continued destruction of coral reefs for home aquarium use. There is also a Family branch of our website here. It shows more tank pictures. Also, look in our NEWS section on this website for slideshows of our latest tank upgrades.

Pulsing Xenia on our Rock