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Update..... There is a new Volume 5 Eco Reef Technologies E-Book in the works. Volume 5 will deal with more complex aquaria keeping. This will also include more on marine fish breeding setup and operation Than Volume 2. Additional information and updates from the other 4 Volumes information will also be included.

Another product coming one day (if we get our wish) will be the addition of "LIVE" Eco Reef RockTM. This rock will be shipped with organisms growing on it, very much like you would purchase regular live rock from a local pet store. However, this rock is 100% man made with 100% tank raised organisms on it. If you seed your tank with our rocks and fish and purchase or make more Eco Reef Rock, you truly will have a tank which is 100% man made. Hopefully, our tank raised captive bred fish will be available soon, as well as larger quantities of our live rock. One day will will reach our goal of providing a marine environment which is 100% man made. Save the reefs. buy Eco Reef RockTM.

The econony has set us back in this department. It will be quite some time before we can get back on track with this idea. We do know it works and we have proof. But, we simply CANNOT AFFORD to pursue this. We would go bankrupt trying. there is just not enough public awareness or intrest in this prospect.
Update.....  The E-Mail address Is up and running. Email any questions for sales and support to this address.

We also now have a backup email address, just in case. It is However, please do not use this email address unless you get bounced from the primary one, which we hope will never happen.

Update.....  There is a new Slideshow below illustrating the construction of a breeder tank rack. This is our latest creation for budget minded people who want to take the next step into saltwater fishes. Soon, Volume 2 of the E-Book will have all the details, as well as how to build and set up an algae and rotifer station and a larvae raising tank. Stay tuned for these latest developments. Click on the tank rack below for pictures.

Be sure to check out my Rants sub-page. It is not just about aquaria. True stories of personal experiences are here for you to enjoy.


Eco Reef Blog

A blog has been started. Click Here to go to the Blog With Us page.


Slide Shows
Update..... The following are links to Slide Shows of our products together with some cool pictures of our tanks, both new and old. Mouse over an image to see contents of the show. Click on the image to start the show. We now have new pics of our Eco Reef Rock in action with invertebrates starting to grow on them. Click on The Eco Reef Rock Picture below for more info.

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Eco Reef Rock (tm)

Denitrator Filter Construction        Wet/Dry Filter Construction        Protein Skimmer Construction

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