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Although we do not sell the Eco Reef Rock to the general public anymore, (except by special written request, please click on "contact us" if interested), We still advocate the use of the Eco Reef Rock recipe and techniques in our e-book. Please continue to save the marine environment in the wild by using man made products wherever possible. We agree that this product is not as pretty as natural coral, but at least use the Eco Reef Rock as a base rock, which will be the majority of your rock anyway. And, there are other types of artificial rock on the market you could use to top off the base rock and give your system a real natural coral reef appearance. Please check the detailed descriptions below or go to the Eco Reef Technologies LLC Store by clicking the SHOP NOW tab, and check out the descriptions there. The red shell in some of the photos is 3" across and is shown for reference only. 

Bio Mix Rock
Trademarked Product Details

Eco Reef RockTM is now available in its various forms. Everything from mix to just add water to finished rocks is now able to be made on your own from our e-books. View an Eco Reef Rock detailed Slideshow.HERE or click on the little blue fishie for samples of what you can do.

Eco Reef Rock Slideshow

Our Rockn' e-book Products

One important tip. If you purchase sand to use in making your artificial Eco Reef RockTM, do NOT use play sand, sand for making bricks, tube sand used for dead weight in vehicles in the Winter, or any other sand but swimming pool filter sand. And, even that needs to be rinsed well before use. We have found that red slime (cyanobacteria) is the result of poorly chosen ECO REEF ROCKTM ingredients.

  • Eco Reef Rock Mix   The mix is essential to the beginner marine aquarist. You will be amazed on just how much money you can save to start into this hobby just by using Eco Reef RockTM Mix instead of live rock found in the pet stores. The Manual for starting a reef tank on a really tight budget is well worth the low price of $4.98 to teach you how to make live rocks.  This is a downloadable product.

  •  Eco Reef Rock Stages-  This is the Trademark of Eco Reef Technologies LLC (ERT). A proprietary blend of aggregates and Portland Cement which provides a rock very similar to live rock found in the natural ocean reefs. Life already grows on Eco Reef Rock in ERT's own tanks. This porous yet sturdy rock is described as fresh, or pre-cured and "live" rocks ready for your tank.

    Fresh Eco Reef Rocks come in various shapes for use as biological filtration, support functions, or decoration. All Eco Reef Rocks are suitable for filtration, but the decorative rocks will be more costly. This is mainly due to the time it takes to mold the rocks into shapes. Fresh rocks are molded and set only. NOTE: Fresh rocks require a 28 day soak in water once made BEFORE you use them in your aquarium. The hydrolysis action has NOT taken place and the PH level will spike to dangerous levels for your marine life. Also, only larger sized rocks can be handled in the Fresh state, because they are still very fragile.

    Pre-Cured in the artifical rock sense means that the concrete has underwent the hydrolisis action for 28 days to leach out any of the minerals that would be otherwise harmful to your tank's PH if fresh concrete were added. However, pre-cured rock does not have any life growing on it. Pre-Cured Eco Reef Rock can be made in various shapes and sizes. This rock is ready for your tank and will be just as sturdy and porous as live rock or corals found in the ocean. The main benefit is cost and that you are doing your part to save the ocean environment when purchasing Eco Reef Rock. Eco Reef Rock Bio Mix is an excellent source of media for bio filters and sumps. The surface area of this product matches or exceeds bio balls and other media used for these devices. Eco Reef Rock Posts and Shelves are other avenues for using rocks to lift things off of your substrate. This enhances your sand bed filtration area while providing more porous rock surface area for filtration. Posts and Shelves are great for construction and use as base rock. Finally, Eco Reef Rock Decorator Rocks are manufactured in the shapes of Arches, Caves, Tunnels, and anything else imaginable for the decorator touch to your aquarium. All the while, these rocks maintain their filtration capabilities and support strength. Check out the slide show or for a quick view, click on a couple of the pictures below.

    Live Eco Reef Rock In time, Eco Reef Technologies LLC will again introduce "live" Eco Reef Rock. this live rock will have algae and other organisms on it, just like you would purchase from your local pet shop. This business is too decimated to have manufactured and grown live artificial rocks in any quantity. However, we are feverishly working on this, so please be patient. Call or email for details. Save the reefs. Buy Eco Reef Rock. Click the Pricing Page Link for more detail and pictures. Available Now. Email the Reef Master at for your special or custom needs. Or, click on SHOP NOW to see what we currently have in stock.

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    large cave
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    Special product pricing will also be posted in the SHOP NOW section soon. Bookmark us and stay in touch to be one of the first to display a 100% man made marine environment. We now have our support posts on sale. Buy One Get One FREE. We will even ship a free smaple if you mention visiting our "Rockn' Products" page.

    Just send us an email after signing up as a customer in our e-store. Mention you saw this offer on our Rockin' Products page for a free support post.