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A: FAQ is an acronym for "frequently asked questions."

A: The "Kits" are discussed at length in the E-Book. Please spend the small amount of money to help our cause and purchase the E-Book. There are several Do it Yourself projects in the E-Book which we can provide "Kits" of parts for you, so you can do one stop shopping. However, the parts are cheaper if you purchase them yourself at the various places.

A: We are in business to provide anyone who would like to enter the field of saltwater aquariums a good place to start. We can provide affordable solutions to the normally expensive pet store solutions for filtration. The E-Book also explains many tips and tricks, as well as how to get your first saltwater tank running economcally and ecologically.

A: Eco Reef Rock is a Trademark of Eco Reef Technologies LLC. It consists of a proprietary mix of aggregates in cement. it is a perfect substitute for live rock. It is much less expensive, and is much better for the ecology than tearing up a coral reef to put in your living room. you can purchase the mix on the web site and make any type of rock you desire. Your imagination is your only limit. We also sell a small selection of pre made shapes. They are all freehand made, so no two are exactly the same. If you have something custom in mind, just let us know.

A: Eco Reef Technologies LLC sells 3 levels of their Eco Reef Rock. The mix is sold dry. You must add water and make your own shapes. Then, you must "cure" the rock. Full directions are included. "Cured" rock in the Eco reef Rock world is rock that has undergone the 28 day hydrolis action. This is the time period it normally take concrete to leach out calcium and become chemically stable. If you put uncured concrete into an aquarium, the PH value would go quite high and result in the death of your entire tank. Therefore, if purchasing the dry mix or the uncured rock, you MUST wait 28 days before you introduce it into your tank. And, during these 28 days, you MUST soak the rock(s) in a bucket of water, changing it weekly. A 5 gallon bucket works fine for this with up to 20 pounds of rock.

A: That is a very good question. If you follow everything in the book, you stand to save over One Thousand US Dollars ($1,000.00) from just going to purchase a 90 gallon tank setup at a pet store or on-line. The tank stand tricks, 3 major filters, lighting discussion, and tips and tricks explained in the E-Book all will add up to huge saviings. Especially, if this is your first saltwater setup. Purchase the E-Book and find out for yourself.

If you have any more questions, just let us know. Thanks for looking.