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Welcome to our Web Site 

Think Saltwater Aquariums are too expensive? You haven't heard of us...

We are a specialized e-business based in Clarkston, Michigan. The primary focus of this business is to provide saltwater aquarium reef hobbyists the most ecological and economical solutions to keeping a saltwater tank. However, Eco Reef Technologies LLC mission has changed. Yes, we still offer our 4 e-books to the beginning aquarists, and yes we still have e-books for the more advanced hobbyists to pursue their dreams of captive fish breeding on a really tight budget. However, the Trademarked Eco Reef RockTM for sale, as well as our kits from the e-books has all but dissolved. Today's economy (and the economy of the past few years) has taken its toll on this hobby and the retail stores and e-sellers (like us) thereof. After all, if you are having as hard of a time as we are putting food on your table and making the monthly bills, then there are little or no resources left to pursue your hobby of ornamental fish keeping. And, we certainly have little to no resources to continue this business with such low sales volumes. Therefore, it is with great sadness that Eco Reef Technologies will soon no longer offer for sale any items other than their e-books, and if we are lucky, some captive bred fish from time to time.

I hope our recent donations of our startup business fish breeding operations in our home basement benefits the local fish stores who received fish tanks, filters, heaters, protein skimmers, stands, lighting, and the like. We strive to keep those who can afford to stay in the business alive. We also admire all those who have persevered and are still making a living in this tough business. However, the next level of owning our very own local fish shop is just too far out of reach at this time. We went into this venture knowing the statistics that 90% of new businesses fail. We are acknowledging that we are regretfully falling into that category.

Whatever you do, if you are new to this hobby, please support us and gain a lot of first- hand knowledge by purchasing one or all of our e-books for our new low prices. We soon plan to have them in formats to suit Nook and Kindle, but for now, we have them in Adobe Acrobat suitable for your reading pleasure on your laptop or notebook PC. They are also in a very print friendly format. The prices have been slashed to where our costs of producing this e-book will most likely never be met. (Unless, we sell a whole bunch of them at this new low price). The savings achieved by reading this e-book and following just some of the secrets inside will more than pay for the original purchase price.

So, you think it is all on the internet instead of buying the e-books? Well, you are partially correct. Yes, there is a wealth of information on the internet that closely resembles things in our e-books. But, they usually do not list all the resources involved, where to purchase them, and step by step how to accomplish the tasks. We do. So, just that knowledge is worth the price of admission. We have seen (and even tried to build) a couple of contraptions found on the internet. Most fail miserably. Others do not list all of the parts required. Still others may list everything, but lack the illustrated step by step directions to be 100% successful. Rest assured, our stuff works. We are using it daily in our own tanks.

With all that being said, Eco Reef Technologies LLC wishes you the very best in your pursuit of this hobby. May your fish live long and multiply.

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We took enormous pride and tremendous dedication in creating our products, and hope that you'll find something in one of our 4 e-books that you like. We also can create custom orders; call or email and let us know what you want. Our Trademarked product is Eco Reef RockTM, which will be a substitute for Live Rock.

Our site's value to you
Again, our primary focus is now on our e-books for now, just to stay afloat. Please patronize our e-book products so we can get back on our feet.

Please Contact us at any time. We will be glad to help you in any way we can.

Eco Reef Technologies, LLC
7871 Caberfae Trail
Clarkston, MI 48348

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