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About Us
A little more detail about our company and business.
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Our primary mission at Eco Reef Technologies LLC is to have the ability to sell, consult, or help you find an entire marine aquarium setup which is 100% completely man made. Nothing at all from the oceans will be used to get a marine environment underway in a new customer's tank. We will deploy artifical live rock, and at least 2nd generation (possibly even older) tank born and raised marine life, including several species of fish and fragged invertebrates. Only a small amount of "seed" live sand or rock may be used just to get an ecosystem started. And, that will also usually will come from another established tank (most likely one of our own tanks) and not the ocean. Our business hopes to grow into providing the tank raised fish and fragged invertebrates in the future. However, if you want a 100% man made system today, Eco Reef Technologies LLC can help you do that now. With our Trademarked Eco Reef Rock and contacts for others who strive to do the same with the fish and invertebrates, we can set up a 100% man made marine environment today.

For more information on me personally, look to the Facebook page. There is also a Family branch of this website here. We are also on Twitter as tjfrombama. Please friend us or send us a tweet.

We Are Green

Eco Reef Technologies LLC works hard to be green! We participate in the following environmentally sound practices:

  • Paperless ordering and extensive use of email. After all, we are an online company.
  • Cardboard recycling and redeployment of package boxes. You will see reused boxes when you order from us. This helps save the environment.
  • We do our own fish breeding and coral propagation to save the seas.
  • Tank raised will be the only types of life which you can order from our website.
  • We redeploy plastic containers and bags for many uses. Examples are Rotifer breeding, and Algae growing. When they no longer work, then they get recycled.
  • We recycle old paperwork and use it for scrap paper.
  • All of our lighting uses power-saving fluorescent bulbs.
  • We use Eco Reef Rock (of course) for all of our Live Rock applications. Again, saving the seas.
  • We use the website to find and reuse old unwanted fish tanks. Our entire first breeding stand was made this way.
  • Our breeding setup is in an underground basement to save on heating and cooling costs of the many tanks.

  • Things Customers Can Do Like Us to Be Green:

  • Use light timers on tanks. This also helps your fishes by regulating their environment.
  • Keep filters clean, which increases efficiency and cuts down on power consumption.
  • Use recycled newspaper substrate for birds, reptiles, and small animals.
  • Use your empty paper towel, toilet paper or gift wrap rolls as molds for Eco Reef Rock. There are many other items, like soda bottles, which can be used for molds as well.
  • What can you think of to help? If you have ideas, please let us know.

  • Company History
    We have been in business to serve the public since 2007, and personal knowledge of economical and ecological choices in marine aquatics is vast and spans over 30 years.

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    Customer Testimonials
    Please provide us feedback both on our website and our business activities. We need your valuable feedback to become a better organization.

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